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Strawberry Shake Sweet Fanbase
19th-Jul-2010 06:24 pm - Very Berry
I found this through Google Japan a while ago, and well, it speaks for itself. I'm pretty sure its just a notebook (at least that's what I gathered from the blog), but hey! This is what SSS would look like animated, nonetheless. I wish I could have found the other half.

8th-May-2009 04:06 pm - Icons! (Sorry I don't have more!)
FFX: Yuna/Sunset
+ Aladdin [40]
+ Lilo & Stitch [04]
+ A Goofy Movie [03]
+ Hercules [04]
+ Strawberry Shake Sweet [04]
+ Misc. [03]
---(Ice Age, Invader Zim, ect.)


Teaser 1Teaser 2Teaser 3

( Fake cut to my graphics community. )
9th-Apr-2009 01:49 pm(no subject)
mlp:fim : rainbow dash : wwrdd?

Come in, make some requests, spread the word.  Let's keep this baby going :)
18th-Oct-2008 02:38 pm - LETS PRAY.
(RPG - Emiko)
Am I mistaken, or is there going to be a Strawberry Shake Sweet 2 next issue of Yuri Hime? That's what it looks like from the web site.

Also, a translation of the chapter would be awesome?



21st-Sep-2008 12:55 am(no subject)
[05] David Bowie
[05] Claymore
[04] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
[10] Kill Bill
[08] Shadow Star Narutaru
[12] Strawberry Shake Sweet
[21] Revolutionary Girl Utena

[01] Friends only banner (Claymore)
[01] Banner (Strawberry Shake Sweet)

HERE @ greenonionicons
15th-Sep-2008 12:48 am - Friending meme~ ❤.
There&#39;s a power my soul can&#39;t deny.
It's nice to see the comm getting so much love. Almost 90 members, wow. It makes me incredibly happy to see more people sharing the love.

So, to celebrate~ let's get to know eachother.

Copy&paste it. Fill it. Lurk around and see if someone gets your atention.

Share the love, and let's not forget. Have fun.

8th-Aug-2008 12:29 am - Ranran is-needs a player.
(RPG - Emiko)
Somebody should snag Ran over at paradisa. I mean, sure I may be playing Julia, but what is she without a Ran?
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